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About This Project

We’ve had the privilege to work with Lalela on their past five annual reports. The first three we designed were printed and square. Then in 2020 we moved into digital-only with a landscape design. In 2021, we designed the report to be fully interactive. We also proofread these reports and translate them from UK English into US English (yes, there’s a difference!).


For every 100 South African youth, 56 are unemployed. For every 100 South African youth involved with Lalela, 89 are either meaningfully employed or studying in tertiary education. Lalela was founded on the belief that educational arts have the power to advance academic performance and build the character and life skills needed for more meaningful career opportunities. Read more about Lalela here.


We believe that an annual report can (and should) be more than just numbers and figures. Lalela’s Annual Reports show just that –  with vibrant colours to show the positivity of the programme. We make use of colourful, big images to tell Lalela’s story, and infographics help to bring across data-heavy information. The digital format is especially useful considering that this is an international brand with stakeholders in various countries. This way, the report can easily reach them and still make an impression.


In the words of Leigh Robertson, the Executive Director of Lalela:

“Thanks so much for managing to rework your schedule to accommodate our timeline with the US version ON TOP OF getting that really excellent SA version finalised. It really has been an absolute pleasure to work with you. Thank you for always being so accommodating and ever-willing to try new things, adjust, tweak, correct and advise through the various iterations. I am so happy with the end result, and I hope you are as well.”


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