Publication design

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We design innovative, easy to read publications, ready to be used on various platforms.

What do our publication design services include?

Use visual communication to your advantage.

Graphic design works wonders for publications, boosting key messages through visual communication. We design publications like Newsletters, Magazines, Books, Brochures, Annual Reports, Guides, Manuals, Reviews, Handbooks and Catalogues.


Our design and editorial team work together closely to create layouts with carefully selected typography, photography, graphics, illustrations, infographics and content. This way, we develop corporate literature that effectively inform, educate and persuade your audience. 

Professional design drives the value of your brand and ultimately widens the reach of your message.

Infographics distill complex information into a simple, engaging visual form. We design custom infographics that prioritise the reader experience.

Often, a creative strategy is key to ensuring value for the customer and profitability for the business.

Not sure where to start with your content? Let us do it. We not only offer editing and proofreading services, but also manage, collect and write copy. 

Reach new clients and subscribers by publishing a digital version of your print publication. This not only broadens your reach, but offers a plethora of insights and analytics. 

With 20 years of print production experience, we know how to optimise our print designs for the best print quality. As a bonus, we handle the interaction with the printers on behalf of our clients. We’ve (almost) seen it all ; )

The visual success of most layouts co-depends on good quality photography. When taking or choosing images for a publication, we take every care to ensure excellent composition, colour use and quality, and that the visuals match the tone and style of the narrative. 

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We made this

Good design makes good business sense

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Clever design will increase noticeability and recall by 50%.

Considering how much information is published daily, great design is a surefire way to make yours stand out.

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65% of people are visual learners.

This means that people are much more likely to read and recall something if they find it visually appealing.

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Copy with visuals do 323% better.

While copy on its own might be useful to some readers, infographics in publications are much more likely to create a lasting message.

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