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Make social media work for your business
Grow your audience, build relationships and add value to your followers’ feeds.
We work with you to develop and maintain a social media presence that engages and interests its followers. Chat to us today about the ways that social media can build your brand.
Grow and engage your audience with high quality posting
3 BIG reasons you need social media
Social is where your audience is
40% of digital consumers use social networks to research new brands or products.

If your brand is not online, you are invisible to your potential clients. With a well curated social media account, you put your best foot forward.

Social ads bring bang for your buck
A typical American Facebook user clicks on 8 Facebook ads per month.

This means that your ads are guaranteed to reach people, especially if it’s well designed.

It provides credibility for your brand
56% of people say they don’t trust a business without a website.

We create custom, engaging videos that your audience loves. Besides saving money on promoted posts on Twitter, videos also improve post visibility on Facebook.

Need some more big (and small) reasons?
Why GAPdesign?
“We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is HOW well we do it”
– Erik Qualman
We believe in the transformative power of great design and its ability to simplify communication and convert audiences. Stand out and create trust with social media posts customised to your brand and your audience.
Developing a strong, authentic social media presence and consistently building on it can be a fantastic asset for your business. Let us help you lay the first stone.
Whether you only need posts or a complete social media content strategy, we can help.
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A social media presence for your brand
After a workshop with you, we determine your customers and what they need on social media. From this, we can conceptualise and develop your social media strategy. This differs from brand to brand, but will typically involve a combination of items:

What to post

We determine what type of content you audience responds to and provide you with a content plan.

Customer personas

By knowing who your audience is or will be on social media, we can recommend the specifics of how you should be using paid media to reach them.

Custom designed posts

Well-designed social media posts set you apart from competitor pages. We provide you with designed images and videos to convert audiences.

Decided to give social media a go? We’re excited to work with you!
Why clients love working with us

Our design process is consumer-centric; we create for the user and not for designers (there’s a big difference!).

That means being strategic with our design thinking and approaching a challenge as part of the broader marketing ecosystem.

We don’t believe in only making things look good – we want them to produce meaningful results.

Timelines, deadlines and bottom lines are as important to us as they are to you.

We’re your one stop shop! We’re here for ongoing support and online marketing. If you need online advertising, email, social media or SEO to help bring people to your website, we can help.
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