We focus our design efforts on enhancing information that promotes sustainable development.

About us

GAPdesign has been around since 2010, assisting change-making organisations with great design. We are a small team driven by big projects that aims to improve the lives of people and the planet. Our expertise lies in the reading experience: we write and design content that stand out, get read, make people talk and can easily be remembered.

Our values

We believe in honesty and integrity. We believe in solving problems. We believe in innovation. We create custom designs that aims to empower brands to make a difference.

Our clients

We especially like working on projects that promote social development, ecological sustainability, equality, human rights and education.

We are a small team of creatives so each designer works directly with the client they design for.
This allows for a unique client-to-designer relationship.

Why work with us?


All our designers and content creators are qualified and have years of industry experience behind them. We are therefore able to not only meet, but exceed expectations.

Owner Managed

GAP is an independent and owner-managed studio with a qualified in-house team. This means that our ideas and decisions are backed by years of experience in the industry.

Good Design

Good design is a key value differentiator and therefore directly tied to the value of your brand. We write and design content that stand out.

Distilling Info

We are able to transform complex information into eye-catching, interesting and shareable infographics. By representing information in a visual way, readers are more likely to engage with it.

Happy clients

Professional work done with professional tools