SARAO - 20 Years of Inspiration


  1. A white background for the images offers a clean and minimalistic aesthetic. It creates a sense of openness and spaciousness, making the composition feel fresh and light. Furthermore, a white background can help reflect light and enhance the overall brightness of the image, resulting in a crisp and vibrant depiction.
  2. We suggest offering a “second read” in the form of a simple timeline that sits at the bottom of the page. The frequency of the timeline inscriptions can be led by the available space per DPS and will require an experienced eye to ensure it stays secondary to the main image/s per DPS.
  3. We suggest that the flow of the main images per DPS can be “categorised” by a single word descriptor like, “OUR PEOPLE”, “OUR INSTRUMENTS”, “OUR RESEARCH”, etc., which can be bundled together in these categories or each can be branded as per the below example.


On the other hand, the images could also be presented on a black background, as it provides a striking contrast that enhances the subject and brings attention to the main elements in a picture. A black background also helps to eliminate distractions and allows colours and textures to stand out, resulting in an immersive and captivating composition.