Publication design

No publication needs to be boring! We will bring your content to life with infographics, creative layout and strategic design thinking. Digital or Print – a well-designed report will add value to your brand.

  • Editorial service
  • Great design
  • publish it online
  • Drive conversations
  • Infographics
  • Content Development
  • print production
  • project management
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Social Media Marketing 2
Need an online publication?

A lot of time is spent online today, on mobiles, first, so digital publication does offer many advantages from its more traditional “outboet”, printed publications. GAPdesign is able to assist you in choosing which of these 2 platforms will serve your audience best as well as which digital platforms (as there are many different ones with just as many pitfalls) are best aligned to help reach your business goals.

A Communication Campaign

Creating a campaign is like baking a cake. You need to ensure adding ALL relevant ingredients for it not to “flop”. Creating high-quality content, strategic design, where your client spends most of their time, in order to be exposed most effectively and then evaluating your efforts to re-align, should that be necessary.

How can we help you today?

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Would you like us to assist you with your next publication?

We can assist you with a basic Facebook advertising campaign (a defined start and end date) or we can create and manage daily posts on multiple social media platform to reinforce or assist with business goals.

  • strategy
  • Management
  • Post Designs
  • Campaigns
  • Activations
  • Content Development
  • Photography
  • Video for posts
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Social Media Strategy
Let’s strategise & define goals

We will set social media goals together that align with your overall company goals. We’ll break down your goals into specific tactics and from there figure out the how by writing an elementary strategy that will guide future decisions.
This needs regular assessment as the only constant with online, is change.

Social Media Marketing 2
Only need design?

Investing in professional-designed posts will enhance the perceived value of your brand. We specialise in bringing clarity to audiences through infographics in visual content and creating video’s that convert because it combines auditory & visual sense and both play a significant role in conveying an efficient message.

A Social Media Campaign

Creating a campaign is like baking a cake. You need to ensure adding ALL relevant ingredients for it not to “flop”. From creating high quality content, the design for the posts, how your client is going to benefit from the information you share, when is a good time to post and then evaluating this monthly to re-align as you go.