Graphic Design, Publication Design
Environmental development, Social Development
About This Project

An oversized A5 publication that showcase the decade of success of
WWF’s internship programme in contributing towards SA’s green economy.
It looks back on enviro education in South Africa and how it has progressed
to the current integration of green skills we are seeing as well WWF’s decade
of success. It also looks towards 2030 and 2068 and what we hope to see.
Elements of the design was used to create a WWF slide deck as well.
The publication was launched at the Interns promo events of October 2018.

The publication had a 3-5 years lifespan as objective and was used to engage a wide range of partners, from
securing funding partners and showcasing the programme to potential host organisations as well as communicating to policy initiative partners.

The objectives were to share and showcase the success and value of the WWF internship
programme with an aim to secure partnerships through which the scope of
the programme can be expanded and sustained.
Also, to upscale the programme by encouraging partners (public and private
sector) to implement ‘sub’ internship programmes drawing on the WWF model.

The Primary audience were prospective partners in the public and private sectors.