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Rugby: The Tournament
for Global Business Equilibrium

The author of this book had a clear vision of what he wanted it to look like: it had to be visually exciting, and it had to contain tons of infographics. As a book that bursts at the seams with the hard facts and history of the Rugby World Cup tournament, it proved to be a project of mammoth proportions.

With chapters dedicated to topics like women’s rugby, the 2019 tournament and referees, the content contained an abundance of information and statistics, ready to be transformed into infographics. Over the span of several months, our design team changed the walls of text and tables provided by the author into interesting and exciting graphics.

We retouched each photo, sourced from Getty Images, to have a classic newspaper feel by using a black-and-white filter and a fine halftone treatment. We aimed for the images to denote newspaper clippings, highlighting the fact that this book contains historical facts and newsworthy events.  

The author requested that he wants to sell the book online on Amazon, meaning that we had to make a print-on-demand, mobile and epub version of the book in order to make full use of amazon’s features on offer for an international audience. In order for the book to be uploaded to Amazon, it had to be created in a specific way and size. Seeing this was our first attempt at uploading a publication to Amazon, days turned into weeks before we had Amazon’s stamp of approval.

All worth the effort with and end result to be proud of!