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KwaPEP: Publication redesign: June 2019 

PEP stores approached us in 2019 to submit a proposal for taking over the design and print of their internal magazine, KwaPEP. Up until then, it had been in the form of a broadsheet newspaper, delivered to 1800 PEP stores country-wide, every quarter. We decided to rethink the publication as a whole, taking into account the end-user/reader, staff. It needed a new jacket in order to stay relevant for the next 3 years and needed to become available to read online as well.

The purpose of KwaPEP is to showcase and circulate news and photos from events of staff on all levels. From management to teh champions serving customers in-sore. It is a much-anticipated publication in stores, with staff huddling around to see if their photos made it into the publication.

For the redesign, we decided to give this publication a magazine feel: the size changed to that of a magazine you would find on a shelf and we suggested that the magazine should have a cover dedicated to the theme of the quarter. The image on the cover showcasing real, in-store scenarios and employees.

We knew that the publication has a wide readership – employees take their copies home and share it with friends and family so we suggested that PEP start advertising in the magazine by placing at least three PEP store ads on the inside and back cover.  Also more in line with a magazine value offering.

Lastly, we suggested hosting the magazine on the publishing platform  “ISSUU”, from where they can share or embed it elsewhere on the web. The various functionalities of ISSUU has given the publication a longer shelf life and a wider reach. Moreover, the platform offers extensive analytics that wouldn’t previously have been available to the client.

Here is the March 2021 issue.