Graphic Design, Publication Design
About This Project

This guide is for working-class leaders – for the shop steward, organiser and negotiator who wish to organise and represent workers in a world of work that has changed profoundly over time, and which continues to change.


Negotiators looking to renew their strategy and approach in the face of the ongoing reorganisation of work, retrenchments and restructuring, and the increasing precariousness of being a worker.


GAPdesign was tasked to solve the challenge of having a mobile-friendly shop steward solution ready to inspire workers to believe in and exercise their individual and collective power in the struggle for social justice.


We designed an A5 sized, digital and interactive publication, published to an online digital magazine site where this will live and be promoted from. This allow the user to access this guide via the internet at any point of time throughout the discussions as a point of reference but as well a “how-to” guide when in need of information. Due to it’s design, it’s naturally legible via mobile as this is the first port of call for all negotiators out in the field.


“Love the final pub. Well done!” – A happy client!