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About This Project

Content Creation and design of guide for Momentum Metropolitan Group


Why should the design of a guide about employer relations be boring?


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, training on labour relations at Momentum Metropolitan was in person. During the pandemic, however, these presentations became video conferences. It became more difficult to relay the content, which was filled with complex and legal jargon.


The challenge posed was:
1) Rewrite the content that existed as powerpoints and lawyer documents into an easier accessible and less formal guide
2) to turn the content into a digital document that could then be shared with managers. 


The client gave us a draft document with all the relevant legal information, and asked us to rewrite and reorganise the content to be easier to understand and less formal. We had to rewrite or explain the legal terms to make everything clear. We added in suggestions for the reader in the copy (e.g. “What is this again? Find the definition on page 50”).


These suggestions formed part of the layout, and provided an interactive use to the guide. We also added definitions of difficult terms and explanations on the differences between concepts.


Our favourite layout in this guide was an infographic showing the Performance Improvement process. We used a board game style to show the various stages of this process. This transformed what would have been a laborious read into a fun and meaningful one, complete with ladders, arrows and icons. This made the process more approachable and less intimidating for the reader.


Longer lifespan

We also provided the client with separate elements from the design (like icons, photo lockups and cover pages) to use as part of a course on the same topic. Because of this, the content will have a longer lifespan, reaching more people on more platforms.

See the full layout here.