Graphic Design
About This Project

We developed a new name and full identity design for a new warehousing brand a client brought to life.


1) Name generation

Not just any name works for any business. We conducted workshops with the client and had a look at their competitors. Then, we generated a list of options for names based on what was available via CIPC. The client used a combination of the options we provided.

2) Logo development

The logo design was inspired by the shape of a box in isometric view, and the look and feel in general takes it cue from geometric shapes. The logo is a combination of a logomark (or icon) and a logotype. The icon can be used separately, and there are variations of the icon to be used in various settings.


3) Corporate website

Using WordPress, our team developed a full corporate website for the brand. One of our designers visited a warehouse to take high quality images for use on the website and in other design collateral.


4) Corporate stationery (e-signatures, brochures, folders, business cards)

We developed a CI guide for the brand, and from there we designed all sorts of marketing material. The main colour for the brand is blue, representing trust, professionalism and stability. At the same time, the geometric lines used in designs give the idea of structure and logistics – both important elements of the business.

5) Branding of their offices in four provinces of South Africa

The walls inside the offices for BlackBox were plain and boring, so we created big artwork, with infographics, to make the spaces more interesting. Additionally, each office wall had different dimensions, so we had to customise each design.


6) An explainer video

The main goal of the explainer video was to introduce the brand to its audience. We wrote the script, then had it professionally recorded in a studio. Afterwards we illustrated the scenes and animated the video using industry standard software.