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AI: The fast food of copywriting

Will traditional writers be replaced by text generators, like ChatPGT and DallE?

With recent increased use and news surrounding AI text generators, you may be asking, “why should I employ someone to do what an AI text generator can do for free?”, and that’s a great question. But, even though AI can generate content, there are crucial aspects involved in copywriting that AI just can’t do like a human can.

AI text generators have become more sophisticated and accurate in their ability to generate human-like text. The use of these text generators has developed now to a point where they are being used to generate whole blog posts and articles, headlines and taglines for advertising and marketing, news reports and summaries, and social media content.

ChatGPT and DallE are chatbots which generate text through human prompts, so if you ask either of them a question about what to write for a blog with a specific topic, it will use that prompt and generate “human-like” responses. Although AI may be able to spit out facts and write something generic, there are some things technology will never be able to do like a human can…

1. Creativity

Human writers have the ability to come up with unique and creative ideas, and are capable of producing content that is engaging, interesting, and persuasive. Yes, AI text generators can produce content that may be factually accurate, but that text will lack the creativity and originality that only humans can achieve in their writing.

2. Authenticity

Human copywriters produce pieces of writing that are authentic and relatable, allowing us to connect with our audience on a personal level. On the other hand, AI is likely to produce copy that is not genuine or heartfelt, and this will not invoke an emotional response from a reader, which is a crucial part of creating great content.

3. Readability

People who study language and then go on to create content have a deeper understanding of how the language works, and they use that understanding to create content that is easy for readers to read and understand. They can use literary techniques such as pacing, tone, and style, to make their text more engaging and interesting, which AI text generators certainly are not capable of doing.

4. Ethical considerations

Whilst AI generated content may raise ethical considerations, such as transparency and bias, human writers are able to produce content that is ethically sound and aligns with the brand’s values. AI generated text could also misinform readers, since the facts or content they spit out may not always be factually correct.

Image showing an AI robot vs a human employee


While we all love a bit of fast food every now and then, and takeaways are convenient when we don’t feel like cooking, it’s really not good to indulge all the time.

So, chatbots seem great when we don’t feel like cooking up original writing, but it’s always more rewarding, and more delicious, when it’s done by professionals.

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