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A specialist and innovative design studio


WordPress / E-commerce / Revamp / Maintenance / Microsites / Social Media activations / SEO / Optimisation / Content updating


1. Interactive Infographics

2. Motion graphics

3. e-marketing collateral

4. e-campaigns

5. e-newsletters

6. e-publications

7. Basic e-marketing

8. Prezi’s


1. Brochure Design

2. Presentations

3. Infographics

4. Posters and Flyers

5. Magazine Design/Re-design

6. Newspaper Design

7. Catalogues

8. Annual Reports


1. Logo design

2. Brand manuals

3. Name generation

4. Brand comm’s collateral

5. Presentations

6. Stationary – print/electronic

7. Expo branding

8. Marketing collateral

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WordPress websites, designed & developed to be
fast, responsive & which google love!

Our design-driven solutions

Website Design

In order for your website to be a successful marketing tool, it needs to rank well on search engines. Together with a well-structured website designed for lead conversions, we will assist you in making the most of your online asset.

WordPress / E-commerce / Revamp / Maintenance / Microsites / Social Media activations / SEO / Optimisation / Content updating

Digital Design

Whether you are presenting to a group, doing an online campaign, catalogue, newsletter or report, there's an expectation for well-designed and functional content to ensure maximum impact of the message. Graphic design for any digital environment is thus known as digital design.

Interactive Infographics / Motion graphics / e-marketing collateral / e-campaigns / e-newsletters / e-publications / Basic e-marketing / Prezi’s

Print Design

Graphic design directed towards a print environment requests specialized knowledge and experience. We can offer you that. We will tailor it towards the needs of your target audience, in order to create value for your brand.

Brochure Design / Presentations / Infographics / Posters and Flyers / Magazine Design / Re-design / Newspaper Design / Catalogues / Annual Reports


Our design approach will support your marketing strategy and create a differentiated experience from your competitor, for your specific consumer. All of this with the aim to attract and retain loyal customers.

Logo design / Brand manuals / Name generation / Brand comm’s collateral / Presentations (Prezi or PP) / Stationary – print/electronic / Expo branding / Marketing collateral

Why clients like working with us


We aim to create powerful messages through memorable design —building brand awareness and driving your business objectives.

Owner Managed

GAP is an owner-managed studio with a qualified inhouse team with 12 years of B2B/C experience.

Good Design

Good design is a key value differentiator and therefor direclty tied to the value of your brand.

Distilling Info

Through Infographics we make complex information eye-catching, shareable and easily digestible.


Yes, we build SEO optimised websites.
SEO promotes your online presence and drives business growth. SEO is an investment into reducing your paid ad spend over time. Users trust organic search results (non-paid search results), resulting in high-quality traffic that is most likely to convert into a lead.
Your logo reflects the value of your business to your customer and differentiates your offering from your competitors. If it quacks like a duck....then it probably is a duck

Who we are

We are a design-driven brand communication studio.

We design professional, google friendly websites, Annual Reports, logo’s, infographics, CI guides. Through all, our main aim is to enhance the value of your brand. We do that by creatively distilling messages,  drawing from more than 20 years of industry experience.


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