Why clients like working with us

Distilling Info

Through Infographics we make complex information eye-catching, shareable and easily digestible. 99% of the challenge is not what to add, but what to subtract.

Good Design

We appreciate the difference between creative concepts and graphical outputs. Good design is a key value differentiator and tied to your business ROI.

Owner Managed

GAP is an owner-managed studio with a qualified inhouse team with 12 years of B2B/C experience.

User Experience

We put ourselves in your shoes to be able to deliver customer-centric solutions – looking out from the inside — rather than outside in.

Our design-driven solutions

Website Design

1. WordPress

2. E-commerce

3. Revamp

4. Maintenance

5. Microsites

6. Social Media activations

7. SEO/Optimisation

8. Content updating

Digital Design

1. Interactive Infographics

2. Motion graphics

3. e-marketing collateral

4. e-campaigns

5. e-newsletters

6. e-publications

7. Basic e-marketing

8. Prezi’s

Print Design

1. Brochure Design

2. Presentations

3. Infographics

4. Posters and Flyers

5. Magazine Design/Re-design

6. Newspaper Design

7. Catalogues

8. Annual Reports


1. Logo design

2. Brand manuals

3. Name generation

4. Brand comm’s collateral

5. Presentations (Prezi or PP)

6. Stationary – print/electronic

7. Expo branding

8. Marketing collateral


Did you know that a logo can consist of a logotype and a logomark.? (Link to a post explaining this) source: https://inkbotdesign.com/logotype-vs-logomark/ Simply put, your logo translates the value of your business’s value to your customer. and differentiates your offering from your competitors.
You can get your new business out there with by advertising online.
No. We do not create nor manage branding strategies.We do though enhance brand communication through great design for better ROI.

Who we are

We are a design-driven brand communication studio.

We aim to enhance user experiences through good design that will direct your client to the ultimate conversion. We do that by creatively distilling messages through empathy & good design. Our design decisions are based on 8 years of open market experience applied in a micro-environment.

Our story…


A selection of our work

Custom designed T-shirt


B2B e-Newsletter


Publication design


Certificate design


Marketing e-Newsletter


Business Stationary


Vehicle/Bus Hire & touring company


Beauty Studio – Online Booking system


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